the Consulate General Chinese Embassy in Myanmar Instruction to Visa Application Form(Form VA) of the People’s Republic of China () . Visa Application Form VApplication Form of the People’s Republic of China. /08/ Appendix: Visa Application Form Vdoc ยท Visa Application. Download most current china visa application forms here. V form is current form for year V China Visa Application Form V (Current form) .

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Your trip sounds incredible!

Download Application Forms

Please bear in mind that some tours may spend time in chinsse than one country. Glen on June 18, at Learn how your comment data is processed.

Lauren on June 5, at Does anyone have updates? Chinese visa form v.2011a never could find out exactly why, but there are reports that the agents pocket the extra cash and only pay for the shorter chinese visa form v.2011a.

This happened to me, my girlfriend, an english and a bielorussian guy. Suggest doing so to avoid processing delays. That being said, this was a humiliating, unpleasant experience, and I had to hang out in Hanoi for nearly two weeks to accomplish it. V form for Los Angeles Consulate only. Hey Dima, it means you get 30 days from the date of entry, not date of issue.

Afternoon is for paying and picking up visas. Great article, we used it to prepare for our visa application.


Getting A Chinese Visa In Hanoi, Vietnam

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much Rudolph Reply. Who knows what happened in that hour?! Andy Martin on April 7, at I chinesr getting mine done on monday hopefully if all goes to plan and need a 15 day visa?: The Chinese Chinese visa form v.2011a and Consulate provide 4 business days service, 2 -3 day rush service and same day service with different fees please see below fee chart.

The information provided here should match your hotel confirmation or invitation letter. I do not have travel insurance, but I photocopied my medical insurance chinesw and this was sufficient. Please let me know, thank you. Or chinese visa form v.2011a 14 months, if I enter in May Hi Barbara, Thank you for sharing. Dear fellow travellers, Update about Hanoi tourist visa for european considering cjinese applying in Hanoi.

Option 1 not for Los Angeles Consulate. Jess on March 28, at They are cheap, safe and clever enough chinese visa form v.2011a provide you a chinese visa.

We think it is 4 days but in different locations it can change. What do you think? Chinese visa form v.2011a like the hazzle in China is chinese visa form v.2011a Peer. Lubo on January 18, at Here is our article on travel insurance.

It is important that you check which visas you will need, and apply for each of the necessary visas whilst in your home country.

Click here for detail instructions on how to fill out China visa application form V Thanks for your help!


v.20011a If you are not able to type the form on computer, we can help you to type it up, additional fee will apply. Be sure to fom it out fully though, especially the section on detailed accommodation. Looking forward to your reply. Get off at Daewoo Hotel or one stop before at the Lotte Chinese visa form v.2011a. We think that might be the reason why we got rejected as the rest of our documents were pretty legit. One seemed to go with the form and the chinese visa form v.2011a was stapled to the passport.

I applied yesterday and havent received any call from the embassy? We are with World Nomads and highly recommend them. The immigration lady will check everything and ask a few questions. Hi, Im an American. Hi, what a useful report. Yes you do need to viwa them, you have proof of travel insurance. The conversion rate from dollars to dong was fair though.

You must print a new form in case of any change or correction. I am in huge trouble. Simply fill out Item 2. Such a useful article guys, thanks!

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