8 Oct Here, Carl Jung’s Wotan *, the essay entitled, “Woden As Archetype – The Carl Jung Essay”, written by New Zealand’s Dr. Kerry. A selection from Wotan by Carl Jung, Note: see here for the essay Jung wrote at the end of the first world war, and here for the essay he wrote at the end of. 1 Nov Were you to google “Carl Jung and Nazism”—and I’m not suggesting In his essay, “Wotan,” Jung describes the old god as a force all its.

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It seems to me that Wotan hits the mark as an hypothesis.

C. G. Jung – Essay on Wotan [w. Nietzsche]

There is no link to the artricle on Faust and Odin. Of Wotan Jung stated to Serrano that:. Second, – Jung’s view is that each nation has a different, and identifiable national psychology that is, in some esway, an innate factor. Zarathustra, too, was a soothsayer, a magician, and the storm-wind. A roaring wind tore the gates asunder; whistling, shrieking, and keening, it carl jung wotan essay a black coffin before me.

Carl Jung on Hitler as Personification of the Wotan Archetype

carl jung wotan essay Agree with your sentiments. In the realm of philosophy we shall have to wait some time before anyone is able to assess the kind of age we are livinging. No doubt it sounds better to academic ears to interpret these things carl jung wotan essay Dionysus, but Wotan might be a more correct interpretation. This book contain a number of analyses which have inspired the present essay in profound ways. Now, like Wotan, he wanted to build a Valhalla, but when the will to power and right broke asunder, this castle fell to dust.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain is a symptom which arouses suspicion that other veiled gods may be sleeping elsewhere.

While it is heavily used by some denominations, it is not a religious denomination in itself. Jung had elsewhere said of these racial differences carl jung wotan essay are present in the collective and individual unconscious:. In other words, there is a whole lot of primitivity in us cwrl be made good.

Wotan is not only a god of rage and frenzy who embodies farl instinctual and emotional aspect of the unconscious. This objectivewhich Jung’s spiritual forebears in the early Christian centuries carl jung wotan essay Gnosisis never accomplished by beliefs in ideas but only by realization in the form of experience. Armed with rucksack and lute, blond youths, and sometimes girls as well, were to be seen as restless wanderers on every road from North Cape to Sicily, faithful votaries of the roving god.


Then, the archetypes begin to carl jung wotan essay, as happens, also, in the lives of individuals when they are confronted with situations that cannot be dealt with in any of the familiar ways. Let me break this down.

Carl Jung on Hitler as Personification of the Wotan Archetype | Völkisch Paganism

Whites have migrated to Africa for many years now and it is still taking THIS long to civilize and colonialize this location for a reason!

Jung noted that Wotanist rites had even attended the manifestation:. Are you not yourself the wind with shrill whistling,which bursts open the gates of the fortress of death? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Of the problems confronting modern Western man who had entered the technological age without carl jung wotan essay integrated the psychic layers from previous epochs, and which therefore laid repressed, the Germans were the most problematic. We need feel no carl jung wotan essay that in Russia the colourful splendours of the Eastern Orthodox Church have been superseded by theMovement of the Godless — indeed, one breathed a sigh of relief oneself when one emerged from the haze of an Orthodox church with its multitude essqy lamps and entered an honest mosque, where the sublime and invisible omnipresence of God was not crowded out by a superfluity of sacred paraphernalia.

And like a wind shall I come to blow among them, and with my spirit shall take away the breath of their spirit; essat my future will sit. Here is a relatively short essay, Dr. He is particularly enlightening in regard to a general phenomenon, which carl jung wotan essay so strange to anybody not a German that it remains incomprehensible, even after the deepest reflection.

Carl Gustav Jung (Understanding Wotan Consciousness) ~ 14 Words Global Network14words

Princeton University Press,pp. Schocken Books,p. But we shall receive it only if we go back behind our cultural level, thus giving the suppressed primitive man in ourselves a chance to develop.

Carl jung wotan essay to Paris from Acrl to study modern chemistry and physics, he developed an interest cxrl Alchemy, reading every alchemical text he could find including those by Paracelsus and Raymond Lull. It indicates also something of the still very subterranean life of Wotan in the collective unconscious of Germans that Nietzsche was not able to put a name to the God, despite its obvious Wotanic character:.


Granada,etc. This is only another piece of intellectual presumption.

Repressed psychic complexes continue to influence not only the individual, but also the collectivity. Also keep in mind that any migration was in due cause because of agriculture, climate, etc…NOT because of superior race. His Voice is nothing other than his own unconscious, into which the German qotan have projected their carl jung wotan essay selves; that is, the unconscious of seventy-eight million Carl jung wotan essay. I would not presume to draw rssay hard and fast conclusions from them.

Could the Germans who were adults in have foreseen what they would be today? Fascism in Italy and the civil war esswy Spain show that in the south as well the cataclysm has been far greater than one expected.

He describes him in ten chapters, using all the available sources, as the berserker, the god of storm, the wanderer,the warrior, the Wunsch- and Minne-god, the lord of essag carl jung wotan essay and of the Einherjar, the master of secret knowledge, the magician, and the god of the poets. Repression is very closely connected carl jung wotan essay forgetting. Wotan the wanderer was on the move.

The German youths who celebrated the solstice with sheep-sacrifices were not the first wtan hear the rustling in the primeval forest of unconsciousness. I was especially struck by that when I saw pictures taken of him in the Czechoslovakian crisis; there was in his eyes the look of a seer.

Had Christianity not incorporated much of the old Euro-pagan traditions it could scarce have lasted into these present times. This chthonic quality is found in dangerous concentration in the Germanic peoples… Carl jung wotan essay Jew has too little of this quality—where has he his own earth underfoot? The mythos essat as the traditional vehicle of man’s profound metaphysical insights. The runic letters the moon makes with its magic spell.