21 Aug 1) SAP delivers the “BR*Tools” to provide an interactive Oracle database administration tools 3) Different between BR*Tools and BRTOOLS. 14 Jan Case: I want to reorganize table and rebuild index offline for table SOFFCONT1. Table SOFFCONT1 contains SAP Business. When SAP Basis running one or more tools from BRTOOLS, it will create a job log to provide SAP Basis some information about BRTOOLS activities whether it.

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SAP also develop database tools to accompany you as Basis in order free you from complicated and frustated database specific related jobs such as rebuilding index, checking tablespace, checking whole database, updating your database statistic, monitoring your database growth, etc. To get more detailed information, click on Detail Log button.

Database statistic need to be update in order to accelerate database query on your program or SAP standard program.

Call the tool with the ” -V” option for example, “brconnect -V “. If you want to add more datafile, you can specified now by typing y. Set the required option like new destination tablespace or set the parallel thread which will be used to perform reorganization.


For example, you need to query data from MSEG table. Successful execution Return Code 1: This site uses cookies. In this screen, you might need to input some information about your database such as your SAP Database profile, your database user and password, database owner, and something you might not want to be checked.

This is the command to change password of Oracle Database User: If you cannot find a solution in the SAP s, you should check whether a current patch for the tool sxp returns the same error. Enter table name in Table names table. It may be different if you are using old or new ones.

Site Status Computers shorten url blogarama. Additional option available for table reorganization. On my previous tutorial, you have already learned how to create new tablespace. Brtools sap basis example in DB13, you will brtools sap basis an error when you schedule job like check database and update optimizer. Deleting Multiple Spool Requests Simultaneously in For more detailed information, click Detail Log button.


Type C to continue and back to update database statistic menu. This prevents some of the problems described in How to Earn Rs. As of Version 7. Why do we need to reorganize table in SAP system? January 13, 2: I use default datafile size about MB.


SAP Basis For Beginner: SAP BR*Tools an interactive interface for Oracle database management

This will make you unable to run some commands from SAP. July 16, 1: They will mention and warn you if something wrong with your backup configuration. The following graphic shows some of the reasons for reorganization: Here are name of their tablespaces: Improvements brtkols handling of database statistics.

In SAP Netweaver 7. Run this command using root user to update authorization needed for running brtools: One of the strategy is to reorg certain table which can impact on system performance.


Run this command using root user to update authorization needed for running brtools: Abort Return Code 9: But if you wan to run it later, just schedule it on appropriate time. Now you can try to reoganization simple and little table. Reorganizing table can also be used to improve database structure, transform dictionary managed to locally managed tablespace, merge data in tablespace brtool many small files into larger files and perform segments defragmentation.