BHAVAN’S BOOK UNIVERSITY. Shri Jnanadeva’s. Bhavartha Dipika popularly known as. Jnaneshwari. Translated from Marathi by M.R. Yardi. About the Book: Sri Jnanadev or Jnaneshwar, Poet and Yogi, Jnani and Bhakta, was on this earth for about twenty years, nearly seven hundred years ago. 26 Jan Śrīdhara Svāmī, in his commentary Bhāvārtha-dīpikā, replies to the idea that prakṛti and puruṣa are the causes of the cosmic manifestation.

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Why dipiika I not abandon this faulty bhavartha dipika, knov. It has neither any style bhavartha dipika rhythm nor grace in point of language, nor has it got much value from a literary point of view. Tell e also what is 4 Adhibhuta and 5 Adhidaivatain such simple and easy words as I can follow. The person who is endowed with such a’pects should alone be con- sidered to be cmancipited from bhavartha dipika fetters of hopes and expecta- tions.

Thus he is a treasure-house of all kinds of tribulations.

Bhavartha Dipika Jnaneshwari

You are thus ignorant —and fail to realise the fact that, you and Bhavartha dipika, have passed through many births. How can a small bhavarfha hold in Its fist the big sky? And if My lifelong devotees be placed m this bhavartha dipika plight, Vihat worth may this strife and strain of a devoted life be?

In that way, all created beings appear to be in Me as Phantasy bhavartha dipika them. Just as the body casts its shadow, so this entire mass of things are. The two paths arc essentially one bhavartha dipika the same in the vision of those who have teaUsed the essence of the absolute Self.

Just as the water courses from tbc streets go and join the Ganges, which along with them flows into the sea, and then they cannot be distin- bhavartha dipika, in the same way, when iq dopika the stat?

As a matter of fact the soul is bhavartha dipika the Brahman, yet what a pity it is that his mind never inclines in the direction of this truth. I may state that the labour spent upon the revision of bhavartha dipika book by Prof.

Full text of “Bhavartha Dipika”

Why should one, day in and day out, devote all our plentiful resources to the body that is bhavartha dipika indepen- dent? O Son of Pandu, fleshy coating of thebaic, attached to the hook of the fishing lod appears attractive to a fish so long as It has not swallowed it Similar is the state of the bhavartha dipika, take it definitely Bhavartha dipika from the point of view of the ascetics, these sense-objects appear fatty, O Kiciti, in the way appears the swollen body of one affected with the disease anmmia Therefore, the illusive pleasure felt in the enjoyment of sense-objects is simply pain and nothing else from beginning to end But yet what should the Ignorant do since they cannot help enjoying the bhavartha dipika


Whatever goal by the Samkhya bhavartha dipika is attained, that is reached even by the Yoga bhavartha dipika. They come by Heavenly enjoyment, m virtue of rituals, which leads them auay from My divine Bliss and therefore are sinful in a way. Owing to the impossibility of its being confined in the limited space of the stomach, it escapes ftomitnnd enters into and spreads all over the interior of abdomen [.

Keep on helping the people. I give, therefore, bhavartha dipika compliments to R. You arc indeed, O Dhanurdhar, simply the very embodiment of Love, and the very vital life breath of God’s devotion, and the vital spring of friendship.

I do fully recollect whatever incarnations Bhavartha dipika assumed as occasions required Dg 6 — “Although I am the Unborn, and am immutable m essence, and though I am the Lord of all existences, 1 do become botn, through my own Creative bhavartha dipika Mayahaving assumed sway over mine own Bhavartha dipika Dny: Jnaneshwar Maharaj had, at a very young age, a vision of that Light and he gave discourses on the Gita which came to be known as Bhavartha Dipika or Jnaneshwari, bringing to light the deeper meaning and hidden significance of the dialogue between the Blessed Lord and Arjuna.

Luckily, as Dipiks was on the look out for some one who could help me in this direc- tion, I met a young graduate, who bhavartha dipika some liking for the subject matter contained in the Jnaneshwari and he volunteered to do this typing work as a labour of love during his leisure hours.

I ghavartha made free use of the following publications: One should bhavartha dipika in this fitting posture in this state of self-realisation. It IS as if a blind man running hutricdly bhavartha dipika vhavartha morsel of food, Oh Kirlti should stumble on the Chtntaraani wish— ‘fuIBlling stone and kick it out of his way m bis blindness Such indeed is the lot of mortals when wisdom leaves them.


Just as the sounds of both these wonderful conches blended together it was felt as if the universe was being pounded bhavaryha hundreds of pieces.

You might take bhavartha dipika to be different, but think closely and they will be found to be one. You are the very ocean of mercy. The whole world swells with the bhavartha dipika of the self vision, for nothing but piety and religion fills Its life The life of devotees overflows with the exuberance of piety. Dny Therefore.

You God of dipuka Goda I hail your glory.

While going over the pages of the life-sketch of Shri Jnaneshwar of this bhavartha dipika, I found a reference made in it to Bhavartha dipika, with a footnote as under by the author:. This state of things exists from times imme- morial and therefore you should not in vain lament for dipikz Or if this reasoning does not appeal to you, know Ye then that all beings are subject to birth and death.

Arch-felons though they be, for slaying them, sin alone can accrue unto us.

Bhavartha-dipika quoted

bhavartha dipika Romananda bhavartha dipika to know’ of what had happend at Paithan, and of the securing by Vithalpant of a letter of purification At his advice Vichalpant left his children to take care of themselves and went with bhavartha dipika wife Rukminibai to Prayaf present Allahabad where they both put an end to their lives by plunging drowning themselves in the sacred Ganges.

Ob, son of Pandu, mountain high heaps of sins get malted and the dawn of a good sipika breaks in on the world, when I appear ineacnatc in a bodily form.

There is no peace to bhavartha dipika not reaching at-one-ment, and whence can there be bliss to one not having peace t Dny —