Francis Imbuga. Betrayal in the City. page comprehensive study guide; Features an extended summary and 5 sections of expert analysis. Written by a. BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA THE AUTHOR – FRANCIS IMBUGA () Prof. Imbuga was born in in Vihiga county in Western . In Betrayal in the City, there is a lot of commotion created by the university BETRAYAL IN THE CITY BY FRANCIS IMBUGA (reposted).

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Betrayal in the City

The man is illiterate and a non-performer, who is determined to amass wealth for himself. Tumbo says that until people like Mulili are out, it is dangerous to do things differently from what is expected in Kafira. He talks to the president candidly as he gives him a summary of his play. Revenge is a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped since it hinders development. Aug 10, M-chawia Matoronyi rated it it was amazing. The death of her son sends her into mourning.

Jusper the brother of Adika is not there and thus his parents are worried as to where he disappeared to and also that someone had tried to interfere with the grave. This is a verse in the Bible. Example, Mulili and Boss has been satired for being francsi.


During the play within a play is when the coup occurs and one Mulili the rubberstamp of corruption in Kafira is killed and the Boss the leader of Kafira is left: Theme is the bertayal idea explored in the story. Protest, refer to the act of going against unfavorable situation that exist in the society, it also involve expressing disagreement Example of protest include; university student who reacted against the situation of importing external expertise into the country.


He even brags of having given three hundred jobs to expatriates just to prove a point to the protesters. Though people in Kafira protest but they got nothing they end up in trouble.

In the light of his way. Write a composition to show how Bertolt Bretch has used the theme of Self-sacrifice in Caucasian chalk circle. Askari brings Mosese a cup of tea citing that Mosese belongs to his tribe. Ni of expression is curtailed. Many people in Kafira are traitorous. Later on, he gives Jere a bible.

Due to the fact that the prison authorities know Mosese as being talkative they will not allow him to keep quiet and demand that he explains what he is keeping quiet about. He vows to avenge the killing of his brother Adika.

Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga

A peaceful demonstration by university students is violently dispersed leading to the death of a student; Adika. The situation in Kafira has bred despondency amongst its citizens. The play shows various betrayals happening in Kafira state by the government leaders to their people, through using power to silence people by imprisoning them and sometimes killing them.


Many events and actions in Betrayal in the City are triggered by the need for revenge. Notify me of new comments via email. Jere says to Mulili. He is coming from the river where he has thrown Chagaga’s body whom he had caught burning Adika’s grave to prevent Adika’s ghost from francls him-as the community believes. Mulili cannot tolerate an argument, ffrancis a logical one from Kabito with whom he holds a grudge. Betraal Elites play a major role in salvaging countries marred by poor governance.

Two soldiers, Jere and Mulili, arrive to ensure that no ceremony is held in memory of Adika.

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He wrote a number of books including: Paperback80 pages. We calculated that two mature strokes would ease the tension pg 19 He informs Jere that he has once killed a man in that very cell.

Tumbo is happy when Jusper highlights in the play the influx of expatriate is a sign of potential progress. Scene III It takes place in the same room the committee had met in earlier.

Two soldiers, Jere and Mulili, arrive to ensure that no ceremony is held in memory of Adika. The plan may not work hence they may be labelled traitors.

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