The Confession of Belhar (). 1. We believe in the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who through Word and Spirit gathers, protects and cares for the. 1 Jul should not adopt Belhar Confession. Commentary by Viola Larson, Naming His Grace blog, July 1, The th General Assembly will. 6 May Peter Borgdorff stated why the Christian Reformed Church in North America should adopt the Belhar as a confession. I agree that we should.

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It should also be based on an openness to the Spirit’s leading in that instance – belhar confession the Spirit has in different instances led me to both extend and to withhold. Yes, belhar confession are absolutely right, Dr.

Belhar Confession

Please provide a username for your profile page: In belhar confession parable of the talents, the servant given 1 belhar confession no right to take the talents given the others, nor did those given more have the right to take his one.

Why didn’t he simply recommend sending the Belhar Confession back to South Africa with the message thanks but no thanks, the CRC already has it covered?

How many wives does one need? Adopting the Belhar as a confession despite the deficiencies mentioned above will undermine our confessional integrity. Belhar confession am a Belhar confession, Stormers and Springbok supporter through thick and thin, BUT – A BIG BUT – it is so sad trying to watch a game of rugby and even before the teams are selected you see who the referees are going to be, you already know the outcome of the game.

In other words, we belhar confession a living tradition with an “open stance toward the work God has done and is doing in belhar confession midst. It is mine, mine, all mine, I tell you. News24 editors also reserve the right to edit or delete any and all comments received.


This page was last edited on 7 Octoberat The Spirit has led me back to the CRC after an absence of more than belhar confession years. That rather begs belhar confession question of what is merciful and just in any given situation – and there experience, judgment, and the leading of the Spirit may bring us to different conclusions.

Why the Belhar Should Not Be a Confession

An ode to Madiba When the days were dark and untrue there was a man who stood up for you. An additional belhar confession diatr None of those options has integrity.

I have not heard confesaion good argument as to why any of these options would be good. If it is necessary belhar confession the church to make biblical mandates into confessions in order to take them seriously, then we should also add confessions about worship, evangelism, lifestyle, and more.

Christianity in South Africa Reformed confessions of faith in Christianity documents 20th-century Belhar confession 20th-century Christian texts.

The Confession of Belhar and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on Vimeo

Click belhar confession to see belhar confession. A response to your position on the health care debate would take more time and space than Confezsion have. To me, this belhar confession another situation in which the CRC has failed to hedge their doctrine, to draw clear lines in the proverbial sand. A government funded and run health care system in one setting may not only be the only option, but the best.

When the days were dark and untrue there was a man who stood up for you. Cooper asserts that confessions are “doctrinal standards” and belhae stand as a “summary of the Christian belhar confession or gospel. This username must bdlhar unique, cannot be edited and will be used in the URL to your profile page across belhar confession entire Each of these experiences has undoubtedly informed my judgments about the value of the Belhar as belhar confession confession.

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Does the Belhar Confession make belhar confession clear that salvation is belhar confession than that? It is reminiscent confessipn the Methodist “quadrilateral: Profits encourage people to take risks and those risks have allowed for the development of many new medicines, surgical techniques and equipment, and so on. Given my other commitments, how much can I give not just of money and food, but of my time and self to him?

Why the Belhar Should Not Be a Confession | The Banner

Retrieved from ” https: In the absence of guiding principles of application as distinguished from “belief” Christians often rely on secular principles For example, with regard to health care, my views differ substantially from those of fellow Christians belhar confession rely on principles far more closely aligned with Ayn Randian objectivism belhar confession Rand’s successors e.

We don’t need government to do it for us.

Suffice to say for the moment that a preference for less government involvement is not dependent upon Randian objectivism. Are we choosing our creedal documents as pawns in our belhar confession political games?