if aFile ends with “.cwk” then open aFile set docName to name of front document — extension. set prevTIDs to AppleScript’s text. Mass Conversion of Two Years of Docs from AppleWorks (CWK) to Plain or script to batch convert AppleWorks documents to plain text files?. So a former administrator left quite a legacy of documents in Claris Works and/or AppleWorks. Is there any way to batch convert them into a.

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I wish man pages for linux things actually, you know, clearly told you what something does and how to do it, with examples. Tue Nov 20, 1: Write an automator script or search to see if one exists already that you can edit.

Of course the format was not exactly the same in document was not saved exactly as it appeared in AW, but at least all of the content appeared. Sign up cdk Facebook.

Here is Yvan’s final code: I confess AppleScript was something that I just never grokked. To use the script, save it as a script or as an “Application Bundle”.


Jan 11, Posts: There is no way to identify these files using only documented attributes. I know back in the day CW 2. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Email Required, but never shown. The only thing it will drop is tables elements. If anyone needs the script immediately, please let me know.

Sep 9, 6: It’s been a while since I last looked at this script. The file then recursively opens each file and saves a copy of the file as a Pages document within the same directory. It looks like it’s time to resurrect an old G4 machine and put an old version of iWorks on it.

Taking most of the relevant stuff from the bash script you’ve linked to and adding some commands to copy the timestamp from the original file to the newly created one will give you.

Use the AppleScript editor to open it: Posted on Sep 8, 4: All documents were AW 6 and documents. The description below, copied from the English notes at the head of the script, should answer your questions. Hmmn – strings seems to add more crap at the top and bottom including absolutely tons of XML stuff that looks like. It will strip the crap out for you.


There is a program called Easy Draw which is capable of opening Appleworks drawing docs.

Manca Weeks 5. I had a copy somewhere but I can’t find it now.

MacScripter / Batch convert files recursively

User profile for user: I have tried the last script from this post: I was able to open all the Appleworks files! And, a small moment of silence for the genius that was ClarisWorks. Old Hardware Speciality level out of ten: This is was, for years, I delivered scripts relying upon undocumented attributes.

You should’ve posted the script.

batch converting AppleWorks / ClarisWorks files to RTF or similar

The application is no longer bundled with OS X, and I’m not paying for it, so what’s the best and quickest way to convert the files tto plain text? Post as a guest Name. Dec 4, 4: After the two hours at the apple store and 45 minutes on the phone with Tech support, my problem was solved.