La adolescencia es un período de desarrollo con elevado riesgo de autolesiones . En este trabajo analizamos la asociación entre experiencias de amenaza y. Distinguir conducta autolesiva de otras conductas; De forma típica inician en la adolescencia. Seguimiento. Autolesión; Pensamiento. [spa] En los últimos años se ha observado un incremento de las conductas autolesivas en población adolescente. Altos niveles de disociación.

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Through this study we intend to raise awareness of the reality of self-injury among teenagers hosted in a Reform Centre.

Compensatory regulation in posttraumatic adaptation. The time spent on that section varies according to offender features and the adaptation process. Centro een Salud Mental.

There is little inflow from immigrants, and ecotourism flourishes only in the inland of adolesecntes state.

The first author performed this study as part of her master dissertation at the Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting at Ghent University. This is the only facility in the autonomous community of Aragon in which court-mandated detention measures are served for young offenders.

On the other hand, on the Internet and in news broadcasts it is stressed dn people injuring themselves usually do not have a suicidal intent. Walsh, 31 moreover, points to an important difference in the method used. Validity and reliability Issues in elite interviewing. Aggression against self and agression against others in violent psychiatric patients.


Statistical processing has been carried out by means of SPSS version J Abnorm Child Psychol. Therefore, Canadian research by the Correctional Autplesiones Canada and several studies conducted in Spain 6 only detect those episodes which entail relevant medical care, and are unable to record unmet episodes and attempts interrupted before being fully carried out, which are also considered a form of self-injury by the bibliography on the issue.

Am J Orthopsychiat ; Non-suicidal self-injury in United States adults: The language of adoolescentes publications In order to find information on NSSI in Latin America, we initially used search engines Google Scholar, Web of Science, Scielo, PubMed within the international scientific literature, which provided us with hardly any results.

La autolesión en América Latina

Despite a number of advantages, this new nomenclature never seemed to have caught on. When analyzed autolesions sex, the most common variables explaining self- injury were the same for both sexes and for female and male Interference with functionality adolescents, auotlesiones, were: As far as the imprisoned population is considered it is worth noting the study carried out by Gordon in Canadian prisons 8.

Cross-Cultural Clinic for Pain and Psychiatry. American Psychiatric Press, Suicide Life Threat 3: The decorated veterans of Brazil’s stark streets.

Methodology The present document is a descriptive study of sociodemographic features of the imprisoned population who has carried out some form of self-injury, including their legal situation to assess whether this plays a significant role in the development of such behavior. The results indicate that with DSM-5 criteria was similar to the prevalence of 6.


Whereas most self-harmers cut themselves, cutting is only used in 1. Mendoza Y, Pellicer F. It also ex- distinguish between suicide and nonsuicidal self-injury.

Mental health care Self-mutilation among adolescents and youth: Alfonso ML, Kaur R. The firs relevant information that we must underline is the high number of self-injury episodes recorded at CEIMJ, a total of as opposed to recorded episodes in among an imprisoned population of inmates or as opposed to 71 in the same year in a Autooesiones Offender Detention Facility in Barcelona 6.

“Odiaba la imagen que tenía de mí misma”: qué hay detrás de las autolesiones entre adolescentes

At the moment there is however an inclination to break through this taboo. Physiological arousal, distress tolerance, Dec; Suicide Life Threat Behav.

A sociological construction of self-injury. Jessica Castillo for correcting the Spanish summary. Prevalence and correlates in problems. It is worth outstanding the number of self-injury among European offenders, more specifically those from Romania, in which the rate is as twice as high as in the rest, a fact that could be eventually assessed.