Telephone conversations will never be the same again, considering the host of advanced features in the two ISDN telephones we reviewed–the Eurit 20 and. Name Eurit 20/30/40 Phone API Version v Author Stefan Briesenick (see EMail This is a DLL to use the ascom Eurit 20/30/40 phones in REXX. 6 Operating Manual ascom Eurit Operating and Display Elements P 4 5 6 1 23 10 1 Operating and Display Elements 1 The display Your telephone is.

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Press eurjt memory key to store. Using the extended-feature functions The user-friendly function mode of your telephone allows you to access the following extended features. The display always shows the number of the active call. The display prompts you to enter the full number. The emergency telephone is fully-functioning in normal operation.

The ascom Eurit 20 is designed for connection to the public ISDN and meets the requirements defined in the following standards or standardization documents: Press the END key to return to default display mode. Do not expose your telephone to direct sunlight or other sources of direct heat. If you wish your telephone to ring for all incoming calls, do not program any MSNs. If you receive a call while programming, the programming procedure is automatically aborted.

To delete numbers from the caller list, press the memory key until the number to be deleted is displayed. The exchange registers the numbers of the calling subscriber, together with the date and time of the call.


A ring-back remains active for around 40 minutes, after which it is asxom cancelled by the exchange.

Ascom ascotel office 20 manual lift

Enter the parking ID. Once the handset is replaced, CLIR is switched off. The “Display charge during after a call” service must be requested separately depending on the type of connection. On-hook dialling Enter the number you wish to call, lift the handset or press the loudspeaker key once the connection has been established. The Eurit offers lots of features at little price – the perfect starter model for young, trend-conscious customers.

Important Information Safety precautions Please read this Operating Manual and keep it in a safe place. Press the memory key to store the corrected time.

Enter the desired direct-call number. Lift handset or press loudspeaker key. Insert the feet in the top end of the telephone base unit. Do not use cleansing agents or chemical substances to clean your telephone. Operating and Display Elements P 4 5 6 1 23 10 Contents Principles of Operation The Eurit is bang up to date with its SMS facility. After around 8 seconds the charge is automatically indicated. During the call after around 8 seconds the display indicates the charge and duration of the active call, provided you are a subscriber to this service.

Now connect the telephone by plugging the telephone cable into the larger socket on the base of the telephone. The azcom number is dialled immediately the handset is lifted and any key is pressed.

Keep this manual in a safe place! Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds, then press the parking key.

Ascom Eurit – ISDN telephone – DECT\GAP at Backoffice

The two calls remain active and you can switch between them brokering. Press the END key to return to default display mode. Operating Manual ascom Eurit 20 Operating and Display Elements 1 2 3 11 4 5 P 10 9 6 8 7 Operating and Display Elements 1 The display Your telephone is equipped with a character display 2 Foxkey multi-function bar key Press the Foxkey briefly to switch to function mode Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds to switch to programming mode 3 Memory key Scrolls the list of callers, stores programmed procedures, speed-dialling 4 Emergency switch Beneath the euri 5 Inscription field 6 Dial pad For dialling telephone numbers the ascomm have no function!


Outgoing calls must be made by lifting eruit handset and dialling the number. Note that only one digit 0 to 9 or can be entered as the parking ID. Principles Of Operation Principles of Operation The extended-feature functions The Foxkey is used to call up and program extended-feature functions, making your telephone very simple to operate.

Don’t show me this message again. Press the Foxkey for 3 seconds, followed by numbers “1” and “9”. Press the memory key to initiate the clearing procedure. Press the Foxkey 3 seconds followed by “2”.

Press the Foxkey 3 seconds followed by “2”. The guarantee does not cover material or defects which have only a minimal impact eurt the use or value of the telephone.