ART OF COPPERSMITHING. A PRA C TIC A L TR EATlSE O N WO R KIN G S H EET. C O PPER IN TO A LL FO R M S. j O H N. F U L L E R,. S E. PU BLISHED . PAGE Historical Sketch of Copper u Braziers’ Art, or Light Coppersmithing 16 First Year’s .. 10; then close the whole up close ART OF COPPERSMITHING. Fio. Art Of Coppersmithing has 13 ratings and 3 reviews. Casey said: Read this while working at San Francisco’s Building Resources. The diagrams were cool and.

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Mike Lieber marked it as to-read May 12, They are now to be tinned inside, thus: The inside of the ket- tle is to be rubbed over with soldering acid in which a little salam- moniac has been dissolved, and the kettle heated enough to flow tin or solder, enough of which is melted and poured in so it can be rinsed out and then wiped off with a tow wisp wound around a wire, Fig.

Then again, if the bowls are to be tinned inside an opportunity is offered to try his hand at the tinning process, seeing that this also does not have to be done as carefully coppersmitthing in the case of cooking utensils.

Let it be made of a common sized sheet and of pound plate, and wired with a A rod, the corners to be part of an 8-inch circle at coppersmithiing top and flaring at an angle of at the lag. I am pleased with the result of my first effort, which was in a measure impromptu.

About the close of the seventeenth century the attention of Cornish tin-miners was drawn to the more valuable cupreous deposits around them; previous to that time copper ore had been of little value, and was sold under the name of poder, but this was produced from mines originally opened and worked for tin. In the foot repre- sented at C, in Fig. We next require the pattern of the back, as shown in Fig.

The pattern for a muller of this conical shape to hold 3 pints is shown in Fig. To pitch a cover is to raise it in the center, Fig.

Now hang on the cover and rivet on the socket, Fig. Masses of native metal, separated by water from the original beds and de- posited by floods in spots where warlike people sought materials from which to make their rude weapons would, by their weight, color, luster and malleability, quickly attract attention. Having now described as vividly as possible the interior of this old brazier’s shop, together with all its appurtenances, we will next follow an apprentice through his seven years of service, from his first two years of drudgery on and up until he shall have gained suf- ficient proficiency to take his place as a journeyman ART OF COPPERS MITHING.


The shaft was bolted, as shown, to the two upright pillars, and the hammer end of the shaft raised and made to work between two others, as close to the hammer as convenient. The strainer ring and cover are made to fit tight inside the well.

Full text of “Art of Coppersmithing: A Practical Treatise on Working Sheet Copper Into All “

Let the example be made from a pound plate, and of me- dium hight. The work being of the same nature, a general description of them will avoid unnecessary repetition.

Join x P and n; then w T is the pattern for an an- gular flat bottom coal scoop. This difference would seem due to a desire coppersmithinng make the bottom stronger, but is really on account of the thickness of the body, which is increased in the thickness while razing it in to suit the size of bottom.

Finally, put in the wire and clean up with tripoli and oc and then put on the handles.

Art of coppersmithing.

Length of bar- oof and straps. Copersmithing planishing was performed as before described, only the lag was carefully rounded with a mallet, and burnished to correspond with the other finish. The dimensions of a stewpan to hold 1 gallon are found in the following manner: Now prepare the back handles and bails, and clean all up, putting on the handles the last thing.

Some of these boilers are made to serve for both washing and brewing. I then resolved to exert every effort to acquire the neces sary ability, so that when a favorable opportunity should offer I could give my experience for the benefit ot boys placed in the coppersmithhing unfortunate position as myself.

The body is to be put together in a similar manner to the round one: Handles for preserving pans and turbot kettles, Fig. We will now finish the brewing-copper Fig. Over this part of the bench is a file-rack and further on is along hammer-rack, the other space being variously taken up by hanging patterns on hooks in the wall. Large and small round bottom-stakes, tea- kettle-bottom stake, tea-kettle shank with heads, sauce-pan-belly stake with single and double end, bent and upright bullet-stakes, side-stakes, large and small ; funnel-stake, hatchet-stake, beak-irons, crease-irons, anvil and heavy and light stock-shears.


When copeprsmithing pan and cover are finished, the handle of the cover is put on first, and then the handle of the pan. Then, with a straight edge cutting X and brought successively against the different points in the profile just estaolished, draw lines cutting the plan of the pipe, as shown by the xoppersmithing figures to the left of L. The next is a large box containing a full and complete stock of patterns, kept together on rings in the same man- ner as they are in the shops of the present day.

For the benefit of the learner I will here state that it is the custom among braziers to cut their cramps in heavy metal before thinning ; coppersmiths on the other hand do the thinning first, and cut cippersmithing cramps after, and both ways have theii advantages in particular cases which practice alone can teach and point out.

Next cut out the flap Fig. As my childish mind began to develop and inquire into the whys and copppersmithing of things about me, I also began to look for a source of information, beyond the shop, to assist me to fill the position it seemed I was destined to occupy with a hope of some degree of distinction for most children have aspira- tions.

The handle illustrated in Fig.

Now work it up until the pan proper is 3 inches deep, and measures 11 inches across the coppwrsmithing, as in Fig. Here I ransacked every old book stall I could find, hoping to find some guide to the copper trade; but all in vain.