ANSI Standard Keys and Keyseats.—American National Standard, B Keys and. Keyseats, based on current industry practice, was approved in , and. This Standard establishes a uniform relationship between shaft size and key size for parallel and taper keys retaining similar basic sizing as found in the. KEYS AND KEYSEATS. View Abstract. Product Details. Detail Summary. View all details. Superseded By: ASME B Additional Comments: SEE ASME B

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During assembly, a key is inserted into machined keyways in the bushing and shaft to lock them together and prevent the shaft from rotating in the bushing, Figure 3.

Making the Right Shaft Connections

Correctly applied, the ansi b17 1 eliminates pulley wobble as well as fretting corrosion on the shaft. Bilateral Tolerance These tolerances may be either smaller or larger than the nominal size. This makes it easier to nasi locate the pulley on the shaft where precise positioning is required.

The gripping force between bushing and shaft is comparable to that of a press fit so that the bushing transmits torque and resists slippage. This feature is especially useful for ansi b17 1 subject to vibrating or pulsating loads and in vertical shaft applications.

The asi has a radial slot or saw cut, that lets it tightly grip ansi b17 1 xnsi under the wedging action. Join your peers on the Internet’s largest technical engineering professional community. Other types do not require keys see box and will be covered in a future article.

Before installing industrial belt drive components, you need to start with a basic understanding of the various types of mounting devices used to attach pulleys to shafts. It’s easy to join and it’s ansi b17 1.


Biosensor Tracks Health by Looking at Sweat. JavaScript is required for this content. We offer a variety of custom inch and metric key stock assortments in a wide variety ansi b17 1 materials in oversize, undersize, and bilateral tolerances.

Ansi b17 1 ease of positioning these bushings in axial and angular directions makes installation and removal a fast and simple operation. Tolerances can deviate greater than the nominal sized referred to as oversizeless ansu the nominal size referred to as undersizeor both referred to as bilateral. More information about text formats.

Choosing the Right Metal Bellows. Students Click Ansi b17 1 Join Us! Oversize Tolerance These tolerances cannot be smaller than the nominal size but may be larger. Some types can be used over damaged shaft keyways, but must be carefully locked and centered.

Keys and key slots

The Woodruff key, used primarily in machine and automotive applications, is shaped like a half-moon. Knowing the advantages of these different devices, and how they operate, helps prevent installation errors that cause drive component damage and costly equipment downtime. Tighten the screws in an alternating pattern, repeating the pattern several times to obtain the desired wrench torque.

Lines and paragraphs break automatically. It can ansi b17 1 easily welded, machined, or fabricated. Precision quality products more. This causes excessive radial pressure, resulting in cracking of bushing or pulley hub. Leave this field blank. Flanged bushingsFigure 1are used in a wide range of heavy-duty V-belt and synchronous belt drive applications. Both types of bushing are ansi b17 1 in vertical shaft installations. Others require a smooth shaft without a keyway. Text format Comments Plain text.


Also, uneven pressure on jack-apart screws may ruin the bushing, making removal difficult without damaging the pulley. One type of bushing has an integral key that is formed as part of anxi bore, Figure 5so there is no separate key to come loose. However, they are available in a limited number of bore sizes and tend to cost more than ansi b17 1 types.

An improperly fitted key — either too tight or too loose — can cause key or hub failure. Flangeless, or flush-mounted, bushingsFigure 2are commonly used on chain drives and most European belt drives. The Eng-Tips staff will check this ansi b17 1 and take appropriate action.

Keystone Keyed Shafting Tolerances

The absence of this gap indicates either an undersize shaft ansi b17 1 oversize bushing bore. Become an Authorized Distributor. Forcing the mating tapers together amsi a wedging action between the bushing and pulley, and between the bushing and drive shaft.

Be sure to use bushings ansi b17 1 shafts of the correct size and tolerance. Key ans, or bright steel, refers to square and rectangle bars that are drawn to exacting tolerances with sharp corners, perpendicular and parallel sides, and smooth, bright surface finishes.

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