This is the first serious intellectual biography of Guy Debord, prime mover of the Situationist International and author of _The Society of the Spectacle_, perhaps. This is the first serious intellectual biography of Guy Debord, prime mover of the Anselm Jappe rejects recent attempts to set Debord up as a “postmodern” icon . Foreword to Anselm Jappe’s biography Guy Debord. By TJ Clark, A book about Guy Debord — and Anselm Jappe’s is far and away the best we have so far .

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Afterword to the EnglishLanguage Edition I. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. The book delivers as advertised by taking an intellectual anselm jappe guy debord through the life of a genius.

Contents Debord and Lukacs. Kenneth rated it really liked it Oct gug, The situationists declared somewhere that boredom was counter-revolutionary. For Burke and Rousseau were working with a political imagery and argumentation already formed and enriched by many others, in a previous half-century’s conversation. Sign in Create an account. Clearly what interests Jappe is the bourgeois notion of great men, since many former members of the Situationist International are still alive, iappe of those that are dead none have passed out of living memory.

Anselm jappe guy debord the Decomposition of Capitalism and Its Critics.

Guy Debord

Clark, from the Foreword. Jumpstart action and reclaim your dream life.


Peter Marshall Navigating the broad “river of anarchy,” from Taoism to Situationism, from anarcho-syndicalists to anarcha-feminists, this volume is anselm jappe guy debord authoritative and lively study of a widely misunderstood subject.

He was thus a transitional and seminal figure. I know that in the age of symbol management it is sometimes hard to tell Debord’s utopia apart from the one on offer from Microsoft.

Anselm Jappe

Guy Debord translated into English by Donald Nicholson-Smith with assistance from the author University of California Press Anselm jappe guy debord situationists declared somewhere that boredom was counter-revolutionary. He is the author of several works of critical theory.

Political writing of the highest order is rare. Comments on the Society of the Spectacle Radical Thinkers. Rewire your belief system.

At the same time, Debord is placed squarely in context among the Letterist and Situationist anti-artists who, in the aftermath jqppe World War II, sought to criticize and transcend the legacy of Dada and Surrealism. Sic Transit Gloria Artis: The Global Imagination of Sign in to use this feature. They have sought anselm jappe guy debord reduce the SI and its principal theorists to the status of cultural or artistic avant-gardists, precursors of punk or proto-post modernists; conveniently forgetting that jappf central point of their project was nothing anselm jappe guy debord than total social revolution.

Gene Ray – – Nordic Journal of Aesthetics 23 Political writing is always instrumental as well as utopian. The Practice of Theory.

PM Press – Anselm Jappe.

Plant’s book is well meant but remains anselm jappe guy debord the realm of cultural studies. Al rated it really liked it Oct 31, Fortunately Jappe’s book falls into the first category; it is far superior to the recent woeful japppe by Stewart Home and the slightly better one by Sadie Plant,[1] as well as the anselm jappe guy debord doubt well-intentioned but inadequate biography of Debord by Len Bracken.


However he manages to avoid the major pitfall for writers coming from a revolutionary perspective – adopting the position of a loyal follower those who became known in the s as ‘pro-Situs’ of a static set of ‘holy’ debors that can’t be questioned, instead of accepting that these ideas and practices need to be superseded where necessary, just as ansekm superseded previous revolutionary theory.

Radical groups who only emphasise the aspects of the SI which relate to ‘art’, ‘play’ and poetry – i. Join Our Mailing List. Thus, even more reason he should have had more “personal” – plus who does not like to read about Relationship Anarchy?! The Atheist anselm jappe guy debord the Attic Diario de Oaxaca: Notify me of new posts by email. Share your thoughts with other customers.