However, using an Allen-Bradley motor with your drive removes the . Н Installation guidelines called out in Appendix D of the User’s Manual. Installation Instructions IN. May, Allen-Bradley. Dynamic Brake. Cat. No. KAA KBA03, KBA06, KBA Table of Contents. Find great deals for Allen Bradley Adjustable Frequency AC Drive User Manual. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Reset your drive to the factory default settings.

Inspect for proper mounting and spacing. If not, manually program any remaining parameters.

Overtemperature Fault – F8 Temperature sensor detects excessive heat. Reduce [Start Boost] if applicable. Error 5 – Drive is bradleyy while attempting download Repeat operation.

Allen Bradley Adjustable Frequency AC Drive User Manual | eBay

Error 4 – Saved data for parameter not correct for new drive. A longer acceleration tiime or a lighter load may be required. Error 2 – The number of parameters in saved profile does not equal master number. Check for excess load, improper DC boost setting, DC brake volts gradley too high or other causes of excess current. Check the motor and external wiring to the drive output terminals for a shorted condition.


Overcurrent Fault – F12 Overcurrent is detected in overcurrent hardware trip circuit. Inspect fault buffer for fault code requiring reset.

Allen Bradley 1305 Adjustable Frequency AC Drive User Manual

Press Enter to continue download. Power Test Fault – F46 Fault detected during initial start-up sequence. Save a new profile. Phase W Fault – F40 A phase to ground fault has been detected between the drive and motor in this phase.

Error 3 – Download was attempted to a different type drive i. Skip frequencies and bradey bandwith eliminate all operating frequencies.

Download can only occur with the same type of drive. An external pot is connected and the ground lead of the pot is disconnected, creating a potential drive overspeed hazard. Reprogram Fault – F48 May occur when drive parametersare reset to default settings. Check the external potentiometer circuit at TB2, terminals 1, 2, and 3 for a disconnected current. Check cable connection from main control board to power board.

Allen Bradley Adjustable Frequency AC Drive AB

The last parameter programmed will be displayed on the top line. Inspect for blocked or contaminated heat sink fins. The Adjustable Frequency AC Drive is a variable speed drive designed to control the speed of three-phase AC induction motors in a variety of demanding applications where flexibility, performance and ease of use are essential.


Unplug the HIM from the cable or drive and reconnect it.

Verify that the parameter has been programmed correctly. Check [Minimum Freq] and [Maximum Freq] parameters. Fast repairs at low costs. Check the AC line for high line voltage or transient conditions.

Check motor for grounded phase. No valid operating frequency.

1305 AC Drives

Stop drive, then re-run download. Check the motor for grounded phase. Extend the deceleration time or instal dynamic brake option. Inspect the motor and external wiring to the drive output terminals for a shorted condition.