Posted by seb in SWF Studio V2 on Jan 05 , am. Hi, Ive used this code to make flash open a folder (in windows explorer) and it all works fine when viewed from flash player: fscommand(“e, “”); You can add. Opening the file causes your movie to play in its own application window (the Flash player/Projector window). The fscommand() function can be used in your. In this post I want to share who we can open the psf file in separate window as the action script in our flash save it inside /fscommand folder.

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English not my mother language so don’t blame me, I just do the best to sharing, just give me suggestion to fix it. Well, here is the big whammy.

Open folder on HDD using actionscript

Creating and Referencing Global Elements. A simpler option might be to use a flash application builder like mProjector, it adds an openDocument command along with many others into Flash. Creating a Sound Object. And another question, what if I want to open a folder not a file? What Event Handlers Do. Controlling a Script’s Flow. Object-Oriented Programming with ActionScript 1.

Understanding and Using fscommand()

Using Flash Studio Pro. This folder must reside in the same directory as the projector.

View table of contents. I sent you the email. Data and Data Types About data About data types About primitive and complex data types Boolean data type MovieClip data type null data type Number data type Object data type String data type undefined data type Void data type About assigning data types and strict data typing Assigning a data type About type checking About determining data type About variables About declaring variables About default values About assigning values About operators and variables About naming variables Using variables in an application Passing a variable by reference About variables and scope Global variables Timeline variables Local variables About loading variables Using variables from the URL Using FlashVars in an application Loading variables from a server Using variables in a project Organizing data in objects About casting About casting objects 5.


Using the PrintJob Class.

This is to stop all you hackers and crackers from executing malicious code on someone’s machine. Time- and Frame-Based Dynamism.

Using The FocusManager Component.

SWF Studio Northcode www. The following can apply to programs or documents. The time now is Functions and Methods About functions and methods About types of methods and functions About built-in and top-level functions Writing named functions Writing anonymous and callback functions About function literals About constructor functions Defining global and timeline functions Targeting and calling user-defined functions Naming functions Using functions in Flash Using variables in functions Passing parameters to a function Returning values from functions About nested functions Understanding methods Naming methods 7.

Forum Flash Help ActionScript 2. The actionsfript is the filename of the application to open.

The fscommand function can be used in your movie so that it can communicate with the projector in various ways. Targeting Movie Clip Instances on Levels.


Open a local file | Adobe Community

But, I have update this post, you can download the example! Several opsn make software to extend the functionality of a Flash movie. Using fscommand “fullscreen”,”true” and loadMovie Is this a projector file. Now their official documentation is available to you in printed book form.

Please enter a title. Let’s look at a simple example. Can you please tell me how you made your movie to play at full screen? This command determines what happens if the user resizes the projector window while your movie is playing.

Ren, you can use this method multiple times with make multiple. When a Flash movie is embedded in an HTML page and the page is viewed in a Web browser, the fscommand function enables the Flash movie to fscommqnd with the browser via JavaScript. Boy, what a day I’ve had. There are six built-in FSCommands that the standalone player can execute:.

Targeting the Main Movie.